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How Covid-19 is affecting Amano
Ecuador is experiencing the highest death rate in South America from Corvid 19. Their health system is very weak leaving those that have always struggled to survive to struggle even more: “The health system does supposedly look after the poor, but really it only looks after the dead.” No ambulances for the dead, bodies left on the streets and a curfew that starts at 2.00pm. These are people who are the most vulnerable in the world and they have absolutely no protection.

Our knitters based in the north of Ecuador are well away from the hotpots down on the coast. So at the moment they are safe and still able to knit and earn important cash. The uncertainty has affected us all. We have tried to build us as much stock as we can so that if they need to shut down for a while, they will be in a better financial position to help weather the storm. But in the long run, our ability to support these knitters is dependant on selling to you our customers.

We will continue to try to support them as best as we can, while ensuring that all safety precautions are taken.

Here in the UK, we are very much still open and packing; Everything in the delivery network should be hands free while on site we are a very small company, well.. there's only me in the office and warehouse, whilst Mary, the designer, stays at home.

Just contact me if you have any questions.

From the heart I just want to thank all our many loyal customers who have stuck by us, we will get through this.

Love, Light and stay safe