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Amano comes from a mano... “by hand” in Spanish. Not all of our merchandise is made by hand but there is always a feeling of the handmade in its spirit. The hand is a pre-Columbian sign of friendship. In Buddhism, when the right hand is held up in this way it is a gesture of fearlessness, a passionate belief in oneself that encourages others to believe in you and themselves as well. (Abhaya Mudra).

Started on the street markets of Camden and Portobello way back in 1989 Forever Amano is now a mail order catalogue company; the varied journey has touched many people and places.

Amano knitwear is known the world over for its colour, its character and its distinctive style, and these traits can be found through out all we do.

We have remained with many of our original suppliers. We have seen them grow with us. Similarly we have grown with our customers. Always focused on trying to produce knitwear that is truly special.

There are too many people to mention but one person to whom Amano will always be grateful is Yumiko Suzuki. A Japanese lady who lived in Bolivia and was the creative force behind many wondrous designs that Amano became so well known for.

We are supporters of the Fashion Revolution and believe in producing garments that will last and that we are immensely proud of in every way. Amano knitwear is not just for the year, it is is something that will be with you for a long time. We have countless stories of people with their amano, they will be in your wardrobe for many years.

A great relationship with suppliers has enabled us to stay in business and continue to provide a product that is so much more than its individual parts.

Ibarra baby

Amazing Yumiko Bolivia

Handspun Wool Yarn, Bolivia


La Paz

Lucia, maestra, Ecuador

Football in Ibarra, Ecuador


Otavalo, Ecuador

knitters, Bolivia

The Andes

The Knitters, Ibarra, Ecuador

The knitters, Bolivia

Sorting Wool

Spinning the yarn, Peru

knitters, Peru




Don Miquel


All hands on

The 1st Amano cardigan